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September 15, 2018

FWPN Leadership Training &
Brainstorming Session
(bring your ideas of what training
you would like in 2019)

at the Hilton Melbourne Rialto Place

(Limited Seating)

9:30 AM until 3 PM

Americans for Prosperity - Alisa Artigas - Deputy Grass Roots Dir. -
Training: Freedom of Speech, Not Freedom from Speech :

Free speech in America is becoming an endangered species. “Safe spaces” and “free speech zones” are creating limitations in our country. From the college campus to the town square, what can you do to protect and fight for your first amendment rights?

 Keynote Speaker:  Turning Point—Genesis Sanchez

 Brainstorming Session  - Pat Cogswell—FWPN Treasurer
What training you would like in 2019…..let’s decide together!

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