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Bills of Interest



  •  HB 235/SB792 - Abortion

    General Bill by Baxley (CO-SPONSORS) Gainer; Broxson; Albritton; Diaz; Mayfield; Hutson; Flores; Perry

    Abortion: Requiring a physician to perform an examination for, and inform a woman obtaining an abortion of the presence of, a detectable fetal heartbeat; requiring the physician to review the results of such examination with the patient before the woman gives informed consent for the abortion procedure; requiring that a woman who declines to review the results certify in writing that she did so of her own free will and without undue influence, etc.

    Last Action:
    5/3/2019 Died in Health Quality Subcommittee; Indefinitely postponed and withdrawn from consideration

  • HB 7093/SB 7030 - School Safety

    General Bill by Education

    School Safety and Security: Requiring a sheriff to establish a school guardian program under a certain condition; requiring school districts to promote a mobile suspicious activity reporting tool through specified mediums; requiring the Commissioner of Education to review recommendations from the School Hardening and Harm Mitigation Workgroup; revising the duties of the commissioner to include oversight of compliance with the safety and security requirements of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act by specified persons and entities, etc.

    Last Action:
    5/8/2019 - Approved by Governor DeSantis

  • HB 7015/SB 182 - Medical Use of Marijuana

    General Bill by Rules and Innovation, Industry, and Technology and Health Policy and Brandes (CO-SPONSORS) Stewart

    Medical Use of Marijuana: Redefining the term “marijuana delivery device” to provide an exception to the requirement that such devices must be purchased from a medical marijuana treatment center for devices that are intended for the medical use of marijuana by smoking; redefining the term “medical use” to include the possession, use, or administration of marijuana in a form for smoking; restricting the smoking of marijuana in enclosed indoor workplaces; requiring a qualified physician to submit specified documentation to the Board of Medicine and the Board of Osteopathic Medicine upon determining that smoking is an appropriate route of administration for a qualified patient, other than a patient diagnosed with a terminal condition, etc.

    Last Action:
    3/18/2019 - Approved by Governor DeSantis


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