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Bills of Interest

  • CS/SB 88 High School Education Requirements

    GENERAL BILL by Hukill

    HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS: Revising the requirements for the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards to include standards for financial literacy; instruction in personal financial literacy and money management.

    Last Action: 3/10/18 - Postponed and withdrawn from consideration

  • SB 96 Health Education in Public Schools

    GENERAL BILL by Steube

    HEALTH EDUCATION IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS: Revising the required health education in public schools to include information regarding dangers and signs of human trafficking.

    Last Action: 3/10/18 - Died in Appropriations

  • SB 90 Texting and Driving

    GENERAL BILL by Perry

    TEXTING AND DRIVING: Revising the legislative intent relating to the authorization of LEO's to stop motor vehicles and issue citations to persons who are texting while driving. Requiring deposit of fine into emergency medical services trust fund; requiring an LEO to inform a person who is stopped for testing while driving of the person's right to decline a search of his or her wireless communications device.

    Last Action: 3/10/18- Died in Appropriations

  •  SB 596 Human Trafficking Awareness

    by Thurston, Jr.

    HUMAN TRAFFICKING EDUCATION: Requiring the Department of Legal Affairs to develop human trafficking awareness campaigns; requiring the department to develop and operate a hotline to receive reports of human trafficking.

    Last Action: 3/10/18 - Died in Appropriations

  • SB 1392 Pre Arrest Diversion Programs

    GENERAL BILL by Brandes

    Pre Arrest Diversion Programs: Encouraging counties, municipalities, public and private educational institutions to implement pre arrest diversion programs, requiring that in each judicial circuit the PD, and SA and the clerk of the court, and representatives of participating law enforcement agencies create a pre arrest diversion program and develop its policies and procedures; requiring, rather than authorizing, the Department of Law Enforcement to adopt rules for the expunction of certain non judicial records of the arrest of a minor upon his or her successful completion of a certain diversion program.

    Last Action: 3/20/18 Approved by Governor - Chapter No. 2018-127

  • SB 458 Controlled Substances - Opioids

    by Bean

    CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES - OPIODS: Limiting the initial prescription for a controlled substance that is an opioid to a 7 day supply; providing exceptions to supply limits for certain patients; requiring a health care practioner who is authorized to prescribe controlled substances to complete a continuing education course as a condition of initial licensure and biennial licensure renewal, etc.

    3/7/18 Laid on the table, refer to CS/CS/HB 21

    Last Action: 3/19/18 - Approved by Governor - Chapter No. 2018-13

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